Start your 2022 off right with Dry January!!

Dry January is one month of the year where UK stops drinking for their new years resolution .

People are aware of the common disadvantages of drinking alcohol such as weight gain, hangovers. What people do not realise drinking too much alcohol can have a substantial effect on your teeth and oral health, anything from tooth decay/ erosion to mouth cancer, as well as having an effect on your general health too. It is given that 1 in 5 people that drink alcohol have signs of gum disease.

Stained teeth is another outcome of drinking- Red wine and any other strong/fizzy coloured drinks(often used as a mixers e.g. coke) can stain your teeth which cosmetically can change the look of your smile. Staining does not cause any harm to your teeth but does change the appearance.

Many alcoholic drinks are high in sugar and are also acidic. This can cause damage to the hard tissues of the tooth leading to problems such as cavities/erosion. If erosion or decay is left untreated over a long period of time, this can lead to further issues such as pain and sensitivity, infection and eventually can cause tooth loss.

Regular check-ups with us will identify any damage that may already have done, and the dentist will check for signs of oral cancer by doing an oral screening.

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